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Pet Stain & Odour Removal

Pet Odour Removal Norwich

Pet Stain & Odour Removal Service

Our pet stain & odour removal service covers Norwich and the surrounding areas. We love our pets and they love us. But one thing we can all agree on. Is that their little accidents might not help with the odour in your home. So that is where our pet stain & odour removal service comes in. We are professional cleaners based in Norwich and have enjoyed helping people with their requirements for several years.

How Can To Remove Pet Stain & Odour.

There are three stages to out pet stain & odour removal. It is a system that we have developed over the years. We have found this is the most efficient way to help remove those little accidents. We always use this method. Especially for end of tenancy cleaning.

vacuuming carpet

First We Vaccum

Even if you have!. The first thing we do is vacuum. We make sure that the carpet is debris and hair free. One of the most common problems is trodden in pet hair. That is why we make sure that the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed. Getting into all the corners. Making sure that all the pet hair is removed.

pre-treating carpets

Then We Pretreat

Once we have vacuumed we then inspect the carpet. We are looking for any spots or stains. If there is anything that looks like it maybe be trouble. We will pretreat it with a special pet cleaner. The cleaner will neutralise odours and help with removing stains.

carpet cleaning norwich

Let’s get cleaning

Once we have done the vacuuming and pretreating. We can then start the cleaning. The machine we use is an injection/extraction machine. It uses a combination of warm water and chemicals. We use a wand. This means we can make sure the cleaning goes deep down and we can get into the corners and tight spaces. We can also agitate the carpet pile to make sure it is left upstanding.

No false promises

It would be wrong of us to guarantee that we can remove every stain. That your carpets will be left looking brand new no matter what. A lot depends on the type of stain, how long it been there and the type of carpet. To give you the best chance or getting your deposit back from and end of tenancy. Or to get your property ready for you to move in. We always recommend you use a professional carpet cleaning service for pet stain & odour removal in Norwich.